Hospital Update

13 Jun

Man of steel for a third time, but this time only 26 metal staples and now OUT of hospital!

photo 2

Man of Steel 3rd time












After my perky wake up on Tuesday, Sue visited again with mum on Wednesday to visit a less perky me. Thursday dad came along with my big sister Claire and her husband Noel from Ireland and I was starting to feel more myself.

2014-06-12 15.41.56 CROPPED

Thursday with dad and sister Claire

It’s now Friday evening and I’ve been told to go home!!!!

Keith and Maurice came to visit and I was told I could come home, so they packed me up and Maurice bought me home on the train before the evening rush hour and Keith waited on the ward to collect my drugs to bring home.

As for my body and the operation, I’m so thankful  and grateful to the medial team who have managed to remove all the new growth whilst not causing too much further damage to my neck. I do seem to have a bit a of odd smile as one of the nerve that controls my mouth has been damaged, my swallowing is a little bit worst, but hopefully this is improve as some of the swelling does down in my neck, but on the whole I have come through this new operations without too much further damage or changes to body and although tried at the moment, its doesn’t feel as bad as it did first time around.

I’m now enjoying being at home and just being thankful and grateful for all the love, support and prayers at this time for all of you.

Thanks Neil

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