Operation Day

11 Jun

Hello to all you Neil watchers. Now let’s see if I can remember how to do this! As many of you have picked up from Neil’s last blog we found out about 3 weeks ago that a scan had shown up 2 new lumps in the neck, in the same region as the tumour that was taken out in November. As you can imagine this was a real blow for us all, particularly as Neil was making such good progress and beginning to look at returning to work.

He has had the operation today, not as long as before, but still 6 hours, so long enough. It seems to have gone really well. Although he is in ICU, this is likely to only be for tonight. He is bright and perky, he even phoned home at 6.30 and was able to speak to the children. I have been able to see him tonight and he his much more his usual cheerful self, which is a great relief. His arm is still working and apart from a bit of a wonky smile everything else appears to be working normally. It’s still early days, but the consultant can’t see any reason why his recovery shouldn’t be quite quick. I’m not sure how long he will be in hospital, but hopefully only  a few days.

So, thanks again go to everyone who is supporting us and in particular all those who have been fasting and praying. A victory for God I’d say! I’m a bit shattered and blogging on the train on the way home from the hospital, looking forward to a better nights sleep. Will blog again soon.

Love Sue x

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