Update June 2014

5 Jun

It’s now June and steady progress has been made and I have been thinking about working again, as my strength and fitness has been improving. I have been back in contact with may old friends and colleagues to see if there was any work I could help them with and I had a very positive response and even had to turn down a couple of days work as I had hospital appointments and then it was the half term holiday break and we as a family joined the Heath family for a couple of days break down in Wadebridge, Cornwall. This was good time away together cycling and walking and laughing with each other.

But quite a lot can happen in a month. I mentioned earlier that I had a couple of hospital appointments and one of these was an MRI scan, which unfortunately has raised some issues that need to be sorted and I will now need to have a further operation which will be taking place on Tuesday 10 June.

This has been a very hard issue to come to terms with and I can’t say I’m happy about this, but it needs to be done, it is also gonna knock me back quite a bit from the progress I had already been making in trying to getting back to work and some sort of normal family life. It also doesn’t help that Dan in the middle of his A level exams and Sophy is in the middle of her GCSEs at the moment and Sue is in the middle of getting 30 school reports for the class and Amy has done any test this year and is back in normal lessons. So please continue to prayer for all f us at this time and I will hopefully update you again in the next week or so.

Again I’ve had the support and prayers of so many friends. Thank you as this has helped get us as a family this far.

Thanks Neil


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