Update July 2014

22 Jul

Hi guys,

Again it’s been a while since I wrote any update on my progress and it’s now been 6 weeks today since my last operation. So what’s been going on?

After the operation I did make a far quicker recovery from an energy point of view than I had made from the previous operations, as I was given high carbohydrate drinks to take 12 and 5 hours before the operation and these really made a big difference to my quick recovery from the anaesthetic. I was also released from hospital as I mentioned before only 3 days after the operation.

Since my release my progress has been pretty slow, my energy levels have been a lot better and I have been able to do far more with my days.  My swallow has also been made worst from the operation and my swallow is taking a lot longer to make any improvements. I’m currently still having most of my food and drugs via my stomach tube. I have had another Videofluoroscopy which has shown that my swallow is fairly safe, meaning its going down the correct place in my throat, but it doesn’t mean swallowing any liquid or food is easy or straightforward, so this hopefully in time will get better.

As for my neck itself, the external scars again have healed very well, but internally my neck is still pretty sore and the skin is a lot tighter than before, but this does slowly improve over time. With my hearing, the Baha hearing aid operation was put on hold since the last op, but hopefully this might get back on track soon.

I might still have to have further treatment to tackle any leftover cells but this won’t be as invasive as the radiotherapy and could possibly only involve injections. I have a appointment and MRI scan this week and so hopefully might out further info. I have found it hard this time to have gone from making such good progress before the operation, to having been knocked back a few steps after operation and having to go through the slow recovery progress again. But again I have had my great family and many good friends around to support me and kept me going to this time.

We are now as a family are all off for the summer holidays and we go away camping at New Wine conference for a week with 12,000 other families in Somerset and then staying in a hotel for another week with another family in Devon, so we’re all looking forward to this break together. My plans are then to try to get back to some sort of work.

So overall please continue to pray that my swallow improves so that I can start to eat normally again and that I can get back to working soon and that I will find suitable work that I can slowly get back into action and that I can kept on bing focused to getting better and back to work.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support at this time.




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