Dental Shocker!!

10 Dec

I’m at it again, updating my blogging skills after a short break.

Neil is now home, hooray! He came out on Wednesday after a very long wait for medication. It is much better for him and us now he is home, if a little daunting. I have added nursing to my skill set and the medical staff seem to think I am doing a pretty good job so far. It is a bit worrying that nurses take a 3 year degree to become qualified, yet overnight I am expected to do the same job! It is taking us a bit of time to settle into the new routine, but we are getting there. My school have been brilliant, giving me the end of last week off and to the end of this week too. Neil has been very tired, but overall is sleeping better and not in too much pain. Although he is taking sips of water, swallowing is still a real challenge. You don’t realise how much we take for granted simple things, like being able to swallow saliva, until you can’t do it.

With the help of our amazing friends, we were even able to give Dan an eighteenth birthday party on Saturday at home. Neil managed to stay downstairs for a couple of hours, until he got too tired and retired to bed.

One of the downsides of being at home is that we now have to attend outpatient appointments, which are held at Guy’s and St Thomas’s. This means that we have to travel up to town for appointments, which is not great when you are recovering from major surgery, can’t swallow and are being tube fed. We spent the whole of Monday doing just this, seeing the speech therapist, special care dental team and then the eye specialist at St Thomas’s. It was an awful day, not only because we spent over 7 hours at appointments and travelling, but mainly because when we saw the dental team, who were checking the teeth prior to radio therapy, the consultant said he needed 3 of his back teeth out and then proceeded to do it there and then! I think Neil was in shock for the rest of the afternoon. It was just awful, feeling sore and with a mouthful of blood, we then had to make our way over to St Thomas’s to see the eye specalist, travel back during rush hour, eventually returning home at 7pm. What made it even worse was the fact that one of the teeth they took out, he had just spent £200 on getting a ‘super’ filling, only the week before his surgery! Grrrrrrr!!

Something to pray about is Neil’s left eye. The surgery has left him with a large blind spot in this left eye, which makes focussing tricky. The consultant thinks that over time the brain should learnt to compensate for this, so that it doesn’t’ notice the blind spot. All those who have been praying, please pray that this will happen. Also, pray that the swallowing will get stronger so he will be able to tolerate some food over the coming weeks. It looks like he will continue to be fed by tube for a further few weeks yet.

Well, that’s it for now. Once again thanks for all your support.
Sue & Neil



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