13 day update & home tomorrow!

3 Dec

Hi guys
Just a quick update here on Tuesday 3 December, to let you all know that I have been told I can go home tomorrow, to sleep in my bed, watch my TV and but still eat hospital food!

But this is only because I’m still Have a fair way to go in learning to eat and drink again and there is still a whole physical programme to work on to get my body working fully again. But at least it will be at home.


It’s been great to see more do friends today in hospital and I will be great to more of you when I’m home. I also know that after Christmas I will need to start a 6 weeks course of radio therapy, so I just going to enjoy Christmas with our families and the great community of friends around us who have been a great source of food and blessed to us and my family and hopefully start to enjoy the pleasures of eating and drinking nice stuff over Christmas.

Hopefully see you all soon.

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