3 week update

14 Dec

It’s now just over 3 weeks since the operation and day by day life is very, very slowly improving, but we still have an tough 2 months ahead.

I still getting all my food and medications via a noise tube, but my ability to swallow and drink fluids is improving daily. It might take a a while until I can start to eat food normal, so the prospects for Christmas aren’t great.

Bedtimes are still pretty hard as I have struggled to learn how to breath and swallow whilst lying down, but this has slightly improved this weekend and I have been able to get brief periods of 3-4 hours in a stretch.

My eyes haven’t improved and this has made it difficult for me to concentrate to read or write , which is one of the reasons I haven’t be able to blogging much recently, but do bear with Sue and myself as we will still write as often as we can.

The week did  off badly with having 3 teeth removed, which have now finally healed. The end of the week wasn’t much better , as I did find out before leaving the hospital that I would need to have 6 week course of radio therapy in the new year and it was confirmed on Friday that this treatment will start on Monday 30 December and will mean going up to Guys Hospital for  20-30 minute appointment 5 days a weeks for 6 weeks and on Friday I had to have a mesh mask made of my head, which which fits over my whole head and will keep my head in correct place for the treatment. This is quite an uncomfortable mask as you have no space to move at all in it, but hopefully it will only be on for 15-20 at a time.

So please continue to pray for me that  I might be able to get throughout these next 2 months and that hopefully I might see small steps of progress each day. This is still a daily roller coaster of  emotions for both myself, Sue and the kids and thank you to all of  you have been supporting at this time.


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