One year Aniversary

27 Nov

Last Friday, the 21st November was a years aniversary since I had my first major operation on my neck and although its been a very tough year I can look back a year on and be thankful to God and the great medical team that I’ve been under that I am still around to enjoy life and enjoy being with my great family and friends who have supported me through this year. It’s often be all these people who have encouraged me and supported me both practically, physically and spiritually along the way who have made the journey easier. So a year on I want to thank you all.

Further news to my last post. I had a call on Tuesday whilst waiting for the train coming home from London. It was one of my consultants rang me and said, “Hi it’s Rupert here (First name terms) we’ve been trying to get you sorted and to get your voice back before Christmas and we have a date, the 18 December, the only issue is that I’m away, but one of my colleagues who’s very good can do it, so do you still want to go ahead?”

My response was YES, very happy to go ahead, as they are just 2 smaller operations and it will also mean that hopefully I will have a better voice for Christmas. So the op is now booked for Thursday the 18 December. The 2 operations are both fairly quick and I could be out on the same day or at the latest the next day, so I’m happy with this news and can then enjoy Christmas hopefully having stronger voice in all the chaos!

As you can see from my current photo I’m still growing my Movember moustache and this is also to remind you that it’s still not too late to sponsor me, you can use this link below to get to my Mo space . So far I have raised £157 and our team of 3 has raised a total of £390 between us, but it would be great if we could reach £500 for the team by the end of the month.

Thanks again for all your love, prayers and support throughout this year. Neil

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