Update Nov 2014

5 Nov

Today I had another appointment at Guys with Mr Obholzer one of the top consultants looking after me and today was about finding out whether I was going to have another operation to remove the small trace of tumour that had shown up showed up on one of the scans in August.

The good news is I did have a good appointment today, the small bit of tumour left has got smaller over the last 3 months and so the consultant doesn’t want to operate again at this stage and wants to rescan it in 6 months and then make a decision then. But the other good news is he still wants to go ahead with the in bone hearing aid and now also wants to try to fix my voice, which involves an injection of the sort of stuff they use to expand ladies lips! which I’ve been told is collegen and not botox as I was told before and he wants to do this all in one go and hopefully before christmas. So I’m happy. So thanks again for all your prayers and support and you can all look forward to hearing me talk far better again, you lucky people!
I’ll let you know once I get a date through and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

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