Update week 6 + 1 Feb 2014

14 Feb

Time has flown by since Christmas as probably most of you will also know and for me, the 6 weeks of radiotherapy has gone by very quickly and it’s now been a week since the need to travel up to Guys hospital 5 days a week.

Over the 6 weeks of treatment although I didn’t have many side effects at first, this did change after 2 weeks when it became a lot harder to swallow and clear my throat of salvia. My voice had almost disappeared as it became too painfully to speak and sleep became an item in short supply or only came in short periods of an hour or lest before I had to either clear my throat and noise of salvia or wet my mouth because is was so dry. Lastly I just became tried and just didn’t have any energy to do anything.

Because of all the physical side effects, just to do simply thing every day was hard work and treatment days were often worst and long days as firstly, getting up and administering my list of drugs and linking my food supply for the day and the getting out the house could take 2 hours. The times of the treatments varied from day to day, some days started at 9am and some at 4pm, 3 days each week was just a treatments, so we could be home in 3 hours, but the other 2 days also had other appointments, such as a weekly blood test and treatment reviews with the doctors and these days could be 5-6 hours long and just added to my tiredness.

Also at each treatment I had to wear a very tight fitting mesh mask, which held my head in the same place, but trying to breath with this on for 25 minutes when your nose is blocked or you was feeling you needed to cough was a real ordeal each day and I would also count down the minutes of each session.

I did have a great team of guys around me who have helped me get through these last few weeks, as one guy come and travel up with me for the treatment and then someone else would then picked us both up from my house and take us to and from the train station. I just couldn’t have done it without them and getting home after each treatment was such an ordeal as I just didn’t feel well. So many thanks to Keith, Maurice, Dennis, Dave, Martin and Stephen who came up with me and also again to Keith, Angela, Maurice, Shelia, Dave, Mike and Tim who did a great taxi service and guys I am so grateful that  you have helped me through this even if I didn’t speak to you on the day, other than hand signals! Thanks guys

So what now. I have been told the side effect will take unto 2 weeks to peak and unto 6 weeks for me to really get back to some normality. My swallowing and my speech are slowly improving, but currently I’m still being feed by the nose tube, but on Friday 27 Feb I am having a new stomach tube fitting and then the nose tube and come out, I will need to be a Guys for 2.5 days to get this fitting but thats long jet to make sure its working ok before I come home. Having this tube fitted will then make it easier to get me to learn to swallow safely and then get back to eating food normally. I also have to have a small day operation on my left ear and the main operation didn’t quite do a finished job, this will mean going in for a day operation be on Thursday 27 March.

So this is my news and thanks again for all your love, support and prayers and hopefully at point I will be able to talk and eat some proper food together with many of you my friends.

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