Update week 5 January 2014

28 Jan

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post and I can only say that this is manly down to the fact my life has got into a daily routine, which means there hasn’t been too much to write about.

So for the last 5 weeks my working week, i.e. Mon-Fri are treatment days and then weekends are rest days to recover. My days all centre around when I administer my cocktail of drugs, which is 3 times a day, usually between 9-10am, 4-6pm and 10-11pm. Sue has been a great nurse since leaving the hospital but now she back at work, I’m doing this myself.

The radiotherapy didn’t really cause any issues for the first 3 weeks, my throat and swallow are still pretty painful and now the skin on my neck is getting redder and my neck seems to be pretty hot most of the time. My main issues I face every day is clearing my throat and mouth of salvia, which often makes me sick or makes me feel nausea especially before the next drugs are due and so I have got a lot better at managing my days with the drugs and creams and getting these in my body at the right times. I am also now started to feel very tired from the radiotherapy and spend a lot of time sleeping or dosing especially as at most I’m only getting a block of 3 hours of sleep at anyone time, this is mainly down to waking up with a very dry mouth and the salvia glands have also been effect by the surgery and now even more by the radiotherapy.

Hopefully this helps you all see whats going on and again we thank you all for your love and support and I have be fortunate that a bunch of friends have organised the lifts to and from the station and one of them has always accompanied me each day to the hospital, which has been great as generally after the radiotherapy I have felt very tired and I was good to know would get you home. Thanks Guys


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