Introducing the Man of Steel

27 Nov

No, not Superman, just a man with metal staples in his head…

For those of you that are interested (especially Dr Liz Cameron) here is a photo of my 57 metal staples (which are obviously from my battle with Lex Luther)
I’ve heard via Sue that some of you kept waiting of these regular updates to know what’s going, so we know Jeremy household has been a bit slack with the blog, but I’m now back on the case and will try to update you all more regularly.

The last week has been a bit of a journey and as you can imagine we have been a bit pre-occupied with trying to get my body back in working order. I am on the slow road to recovery and am aware what my body has been through in the 15 hours operation and every day is about achieve one small step. I was aware of some of the complication that I would be facing after the operation, but I didn’t quite understand or appreciate what they said when I would have to re-learn how to swallow, which when you can’t eat or drink any thing direct down your throat you realise just how much you take these things for granted, I am now just thankful that I am though the operation so far and generally just how healthy I have been in life so far.

Sue has done an amazing job in the last week with juggling the whole stress of seeing me,feeding the kids and working and still managing to update you guys as much as possible. I also want to thank you for your amazing support of me, Sue and the kids, and for all your prayers and for all our friends at St. Paul’s who have been sorting out meals for Sue and the kids each, day, which have been one least thing for sue to have to think about. Thanks

And remember, no, it’s not a bird and no, it’s not a plane, it’s SuperNEIL!!!

There’s still 3 days left in Movember, and it’s not too late to sponsor me or my team me on this link So far our team has raised £898, thank you for all of your support so far!!

At time of writing this they are talking about getting me home early next week. So if you do pop by for a visit in the next week you might also be asked by Neil to help write a blog post (just like Pete Doorey has done today)


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