Making Progress

25 Nov

It’s Mon evening and we have just got home from seeing Neil. He is so much better tonight, maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has been moved out if ICU and onto a ward. He has been given his own room, which is really nice and should allow him to finally get some sleep as it’s dark and quiet. He has also been detached from all the monitoring equipment and tubes, so can move around now. His speech is improving each day and he was able to concentrate better today and keep his eyes open more.

He is however, having some problems with the sight in his left eye; we are hoping that this is just temporary, so please continue to pray that this will be fully restored in the coming days. He has had all the bandages off too. Now you can see the stitches (the wound has been stapled – ouch!) you get a measure of how big the operation was. Having said that, he is not suffering too much pain and he feels the staff have been very good at helping him to manage it.

He has finally been reunited with his bag (and phone) – what a relief, as I haven’t seen it since Thurs morning and I was praying like mad that it would turn up safe and sound. I wasn’t looking forward to explaining that one! Anyway he is now reconnected with the world so you can text and email him now. Although he is not up to having lots of visitors yet, as he finds talking tiring, we are trying to keep it to mainly family this week and the odd friend, please feel free to send him messages, he would really like that. No doubt he will be blogging himself shortly, as from tomorrow evening he will have the iPad. I may be made redundant soon!

So I am feeling much better about things today, even if still very tired myself.

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