The Big One!

21 Nov

Well it’s 11.30pm and it’s been a very long day. I’ve just spoken to the surgeon and he has just come out of theatre. He went in at 8.30am. The main thing is that he has come through it and is still with us. They are going to keep him sedated till tomorrow morning in ICU. It would seem that the tumour was larger than they had expected and had invaded more than just the Vegus nerve, which is why the operation was so long. Having said that the operation was successful as they have removed most of the tumour.

The good news is that they have been able to save the facial nerve and the nerve that serves the ear, so there will be no hearing loss. Also he did not need the tracheotomy. The main issues he will have to cope with are swallowing and talking, but that should all improve in time and with speech therapy. They also had to take out the carotid artery, but because he passed the occlusion test last month we are hoping that he has not been affected by any stroke, but we won’t know for sure until he wakes up tomorrow.

Many answers to my list of prayer requests, so that just leaves me to thank God for listening and all of you wonderful people for praying all day. God is good and I am exhausted!
Sue x

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