Quick Update & points for prayer

20 Nov

Neil had an uncomfortable night, not much sleep and was sick again. Operations seem to leave him with an awful migraine. I was able to pick him up at 2pm and bring him home, where he has slept since he got in. I now have until 8pm to feed him up, before he has to fast again!

As you all know the operation tomorrow is a ‘biggy’. He is the only patient on the list and should be in theatre around 8.30-9.00am. The op will go on until around 6pm, if all goes as planned. If things go better than expected they could be done as early as 3.30pm. If there are complications, it will continue late into the evening. For those of you who are praying I thought it might be helpful to give you some specific points for prayer:

Firstly, that he survives it and that he does not suffer a stroke. While the Dr’s have done all they can to minimise these risks they are still risks associated with this operation.

Risks he is more likely to face are, permanent loss of hearing in his left ear, as they will probably have to cut the nerve serving that ear – pray that this will not be the case.

The Vegas nerve also serves the back of the throat, so we are expecting swallowing, talking and breathing to be compromised, he may need a tracheotomy. Please pray that this won’t be required and that these functions are maintained after the operation.

Also, please pray for the Dr’s and medical staff. The children are coping well this week, we are planning for them to go to school tomorrow, to keep focused on their work , rather than worrying at home. Please pray for them too.

Finally, please pray that he will not suffer any further migraine’s following the op and that his recovery will be quicker than expected. Thank you all for your wonderful support, it makes such a difference. You are welcome to txt me, but I might not answer everyone, I will put an update on the blog as soon as I have news tomorrow evening.

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