The BIG Week – 17 Nov 2013

17 Nov

Two days to go before my first operation this week and I have had another short pre operation hair cut.

I will need to be at the Kings hospital by 7am on Tuesday for  Embolization operation and hopefully I should be in and out on the same day, Wednesday will then be a day recovering at home, before being at Guys for 7am on Thursday. I will be in Guys for a least a week, possibly 2 weeks. Sue will keep you all up date with progress on this blog.

If any of you might be thinking of paying me a visit in hospital, which your welcome to do, we would just ask that you contact Sue my wife who will be coordinating visiting during my stay in hospital. The is mainly due to the fact that we really won’t know how I will be feeling or whether I’ll be up to see many people.

If you have her mobile can you text her, otherwise email her on Please say in your text or email, who you are and that you want to visit me and Sue can then let you know whether I’m feeling up to visitors and when would be good times to visit and what ward I’m on. If you want her mobile number beforehand, then please text or email me before Thursday.

Thanks again for all your ongoing prayers and support.


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