Update – 7 days to go 14 Nov 2013

14 Nov

With 7 day to go till the main operation, I now have another operation on Tuesday, total 2 operations in one week.

Today I had a call from Kings hospital asking me to go in next Tuesday for a procedure called Embolization (wikipedia link). This procedure is used to slow or stop blood supply to a tumour, thus reducing its size. It will be done under local anaesthesia and will be similar to the ballon occlusion test I had 3 weeks, as they will again go in via a catheter put in my carotid artery in my groin.

I was aware there might be a possibility of this, but had hoped wouldn’t need to have it, as the bruising on my legs has only just gone from the last op 3 weeks ago. But after reading up on Embolization on the internet I can see why my consultant wanted to get it done as hopefully it will start to reduce the size of the tumour, before the main operate on Thursday.




I’m still looking for sponsorship for Movember and you can sponsor me on this link mobro.co/neiljeremy1.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far as we have raised £168 and our team moteam.co/bandofbros-spc has raised £473 in total.

Thanks again for your support and prayers at this time.

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