Update – 31 Oct 2013

31 Oct

A week after getting a great result from the ‘carotid balloon occlusion test’  I am still feeling the after effects of the surgery, with the remains of a 6 inch round black bruise at the top of my left leg and still feeling a bit stiff when I walk, but this is slowly getting better and as its been half term this week and have had 2 personal chauffeurs to give me a lift to and from the station each day. Thanks Sue and Dan.

Today I have been to Guys Hospital for an appointment with Joint Endocrine & Genetic clinic. These guys will be looking to see if there are any genetic causes for the Paraganglioma tumour that I have. They are also looking into my genetic family history and will be doing tests on a blood sample. This will take about 4 months to complete. They have also asked me to take part in a research project to help them to increase understanding into the clinical and genetic features of: Phaeochromocytoma & Paraganglioma. Whilst my tumour is a Paraganglioma, this research and this might not help me, it will help the medical teams to understand more about these 2 different conditions. Phaeochromocytoma tumours are rare and only occur in 1 in 100,000 people per year and my Paraganglioma tumour is even rarer still.

So looking ahead positively, next Friday 8 November we will be meeting up with Mr Obholzer’s to review where we have got too so far and hopefully at this meeting they will be giving me a date for the main operation, which hopefully will be by the end of November. I am also feeling far more positive about the procedures that need to be done and whilst I can’t say that I am looking forward to having the operation and the time its going to take to get over the effects of the surgery. I do know they one way or other I will get through this I keep coming back to the words that a good friend Tim gave me back in September about looking beyond what I face.

See, do you hear me Neil?, See, visualise beyond what you face. Embrace The Lord’s promises for your life. Keep a focus on your dreams and do not allow valley moments rob you of your bright future.

These words and with the love, support and prayers of all our families and friends and knowing that my heavenly Father is watching over me every step of the way. I know I will get through these next few months and hopefully be back working in the new year.

Thanks Neil


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