Update – 25 Oct 2013

25 Oct

Hi everyone

I hope you was all as impressed as I was that Sue managed to post an update on the blog yesterday whilst I was still in recovery, there’s nothing like getting the news out on the day especially when I’m not up to doing it myself, thanks Sue. I also wanted to say a big thank you to all our friends and family who have been praying and supporting us through our journey, we believe that the good results of this operation are a direct result of this support and knowing that God is in full control all the way and it’s really encouraging to know that we have this sort of support around us.

Thanks especially to friends Maurice Clarke and Mike Lacaille, Maurice took us to the station at 5.45am yesterday morning, we then missed the train as the platform changed without any announcements, which meant we was gonna be late at the hospital. So we called Maurice again and he got back out of bed and came straight over and took us straight up to Kings in his car, arriving on time. Mike then came along in the afternoon to pick us up, this was so greatly appreciated as I wasn’t feeling too good, as the scars were sore and a migrate had come on since the operation which didn’t make the journey home too good. Thanks guys.

As for the operation, Sue blogged yesterday to say the operation went very well, which it did. So I’m just gonna fill you in with some of the details. I was awake for the whole procedure with a local anaesthesia in my groin where they inserted the tubes which was still a pretty painfully experience. After the operation the surgeon talked me through what they had done and he was very happy with the results, saying that the whole procedure couldn’t have given us any better results. During the operation they temporary blocked off the left carotid artery to see if in doing so blood flow could find other routes around  my brain and they could see from the results that the blood flow was easily dispersed around the brain though other arteries. These results are positive for me, in that the risks of having a stoke during the main operation have gone down from 30% to 5%.

The main surgeon Mr Obholzer was sent the result yesterday afternoon and he will hopefully review these and set a date for main operation and I am hopefully meeting up with him again on 6 November to discuss the next steps.

So after 20 hours my groin is still tender, but I am now feeling a lot better and now just need to take it easily for 48 hours.


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