1 day to go and the operation has been postponed!

16 Sep

We’ve just had a great weekend celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday. Sue and myself had a lovely Turkish meal out in Orpington, whilst the kids had organised there own evenings at various locations. Sue was up with the belly dancing around the restaurant while I was ducking my head hoping the belly dancer wouldn’t try to get me up dancing. Fortunately I got away with not getting up. I have also been getting myself ready for my hospital stay with books and lots of movies loaded onto my iPad to while away my time in hospital BUT!

With 1 day to go I have just had a call this morning at 10.30am from one of the surgeons at Guys to tell me that they need to postpone my operation tomorrow and potentially postponed for 6 weeks. All this has come about after a second CT scan I had last Friday where the scan showed that there is an issue with some of the blood vessels in my neck that aren’t behaving in the way they should, and so they need more time to investigate this issue further. This issue only affects a very small percentage of the population, I am one of them! If they had gone ahead without this knowledge then I would have stood a far great possibility of having a stoke and the surgeon weren’t prepare to take this risk on me.

So although this is a shock as I am totally ready to just get on with it and I have my movies ready! I also grateful that the professionals want to get it right and that they want to be fully prepared and have every issue covered. The next step now is that at some point in the next 2 weeks I will need to go to Kings Hospital to have a stent put in this artery in my neck (A stent is a small mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak arteries). After this they can then decided if they can go ahead or if they need to do further test.

We now need to undo all the plans we have made, for food for the next 2 weeks as friends have put a rota together to feed Sue and the kids for the next 2 weeks and work wise, both Sue’s work and my work have been fantastic about getting this sorted.

Thank you everyone who has been supporting us so far both practically and in your prayers and I will keep you all updating to as and when any tests and new op dates happen.

Thanks Neil


Dad and Dan!

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