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BBQ with old friends

6 Jun

BBQ with old friends

We had a great evening with some old friends from our Hither Green Days.

Here the rest of the picture from the evening.

Family day out at Sissinghurst Castle

30 May

Family day out at Sissinghurst Castle

We had a great family day out at Sissinghurst Castle on Bank Holiday Monday.

Becki & Phil’s Wedding – 21 May 2011

25 May

Becki & Phil's Wedding - 21 May 2011

The Jeremy’s along with many other friends had a great day at Becki & Phil’s Wedding. We had a great day, with lots of food and fantastic weather.

The Jeremy's @ Becki & Phil's Wedding

The New Babes!

14 May

The New Babes!

After losing Ethel and Peggy, we have extended our farm. We now have 2 young pullets.

Meet Flossie who is Warren breed, which is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Longhorn breeds, she is my wife Sue’s replacement for her favourite chicken, Ethel who died a couple of weeks ago! She approximately 16 weeks only but not yet laying.

From New Ladies Arrival

Meet Bluebell, as well as being call Bluebell, she is also a Bluebell breed, which also looks like a Speckledy breed which is a cross breed with Rhode Island Red and a Maran. She is also approximately 16 weeks and has just laid her first small egg today! Well Done Bluebell.

From New Ladies Arrival

More photos!

A Sad Lost!- 2 Chickens Down In One Day

22 Apr

A Sad Lost!- 2 Chickens Down In One Day

Sadly we had to say good bye to 2 of out Chicken this week!

Ethel the brave, who was Sue’s little favourite. Ethel was an ex-battery hen who came to us nearly featherless in May 2010.

From The 'Ladies' settling in!

Ethel died after having a great year of free range freedom at her new home; her feathers grew back to look like any other chicken!

From The Ladies – Nov 2010

Peggy was one of the latest adopted chickens, she had a full life of free range freedom and enjoyed the last months in her new adopted home.

They both had to be put down by the vet due to them being very ill.