Update February 2016

15 Feb

They often say ‘no news is good news!’ well it has been a while since there has been any news to share, but I thought it might be a good time to fill you in on what’s been going on since last Augusts update.

The BIGGEST NEWS is that today is my birthday! and it’s a big one! 50, and yes I hear you all say ‘you don’t look that old Neil!’ and when I was speaking about my birthday this with a colleague on Friday saying it was a big birthday on 15, he thought I was going to be 40! Which made me very happy. But sadly the truth is I was born on 15 February 1966 and my mum has just told me I was due to be a Valentine baby, but my mum was due for a caesarean section, but they was too busy so I was born a day later in the 15, but to my mind the 15 better as my family can never forget the date!

The other thoughts this days bring, is that 2 years ago I couldn’t see myself reaching 50, so I’m thankful to all the medical teams who have looked after me and blessed by our family and friends who have stood by us and prayed for us through this difficult time. We are also grateful and thankful to God he has been there every step of the way and that I can say that I’m here enjoy my day.

We are celebrating my birthday by going away for 3 days away in a Spa Hotel near Southampton where will be meeting up with our son Dan for a birthday meal.

2016 is not only a big year for me but a big year for our whole family, as I have been married to Sue for 25 years in September, Dan is 21 in December, Sophy is 18 in May and Amy is 16 in April, so we’re going do something bigger to celebrate all these events later in the year.

Health wise, I had a review with one of my consultants My Oakley in September and he was very pleased with my progress and commented that I was looking very well and have made remarkable progress considering what I had been through in the last couple of years and he was happy to sign me off from his care to now be managed by my other consultant Mr Obholzer.

In November I had my 6 monthly MRI scan and review with Mr Obholzer and the scan showed nothing had changed and everything was all stable and he was very happy with my progress and they only thing he still wanted to sort out was my voice, to see if we could get this improved. He then referred me to vocal specialist consultant to see what could be done. My voice is still pretty quiet and he was hoping to improve my volume.

At the beginning of this month, I saw the consultant and they did a video of my vocal cords are decided they could again do another injection to move my left vocal cord out to close the gap between the good one and bad one, which again should give me back some volume. I have a date for the day operation which will be on Thursday 3 March. This is a straightforward operation and I should be out the same day, but again won’t bet able to talk for a couple of days. So anything that can help to improve my voice is great and I’m hoping and praying that this will significantly improve the volume and quality of my voice.

Work wise I mentioned I might have an extended contract to work in a well know global brands in-house design apartment. Well its now been 6 months since I started working in Burberry’s head office near the Houses of Parliament which is still ongoing and am booked till April. Its been good to  been the same place for a while and get to work with a team on longer term projects. Long may it last.

So thats my brief update and hopefully I can give you all some further update in the next month or so. Thanks again for all your love, prayer and support. Neil


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