Operation Update July 2015

13 Aug

Hi guys. this is not a new blog posting, it’s just my blog site has been down and out of action for a couple of weeks. But it’s has now been restored from my last back up in May, which didn’t have this last post from July on it, so it’s all old News, not new News, is just I’ve re-published this last blog post again to keep the blog site up to date. I will give you all the latest update soon.

Thanks Neil
August 2015


Just to give you all a quick up date on todays events.

I arrived at Guys Hospital at London Bridge at 9am, but didn’t get into theatre till 1.30pm, so a long wait! But was only in Theatre about 30 mins and I was back on the ward by 3.30pm.

Everything went well and feeling good, but I’m now of a forced & strict NO TALKING routine for the next 48 hours. So not allow to speak, much to my families relief. I’m not really going to know how successfully this current operation has been until Sunday onwards. So watch this space to hear my voice!

My friend Pete Doorey came up to the ward just as I arrived on it and stayed till there till they let me home at 7.30pm. Fortunately London bridge station is only 5 mins walk from the ward and the fast train was only 18 minutes to Orpington and my lovely wife then picked us up from the station.

So I’m now home and feeling pretty good and have now adopted a new way of communicating with everyone! My mac has the ability to convert type into speech, so I type what I want to say and the computer speaks it out loud! This is fun and I can speak in many different voices and accents. Sue is already sick on my new voice!!! But I’m enjoying my new computer voice as it’s far better than my pre op voice, as I’ve been so use to have such a quiet and weak voice and I’m hoping, come Sunday the strength and volume of my voice will be improved! Watch this space as I might even record a message with my new voice in a blog to everyone!

Thanks again for your prayers and support today!

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