Operation update 5 Feb 2015

5 Feb

Just to give you all a brief operation update. Was it at 7 this morning and remember being in the theatre at 9.30am, next thing it was 12.30pm and I was fully awake in recovering and the best thing was, I was talking straightaway in sentences without having to breathe every 2-3 word. Happy I’m very very happy. They could stop me talking As I had a years talking to catch up on.

I was back up on the ward by 1.30 and feeling great, not even drowsy or in much discomfort. Throats a bit sore but only like a mild  sore throat. But who’s throat wouldn’t be sore if you had cameras and other stuff stuffed down your noise and throat.

My baha bone anchor also went well but wouldn’t get the benefits of this for another 4-6 week until the scar has healed.

But again overall very very happy. Thanks again for your prayers and support.

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