Operation Update

18 Dec

Dan my son travelled up with me this morning to Guys for 7am for my 2 small operations. The first operation was to attach a titanium screw to my skull behind my left ear, so that a bone anchored hearing aid can be attached and the second operation was to help improve the strength of my voice.

Unfortunately over the last couple of days I had started to develop a cough and this morning I had a bit of a temperture was starting to feel a bit rough. Sue and Sophy had both been unwell last week and it seems most of kids in Sue’s school have as well. So I was going to be the first one in the theatre and I got changed ready and then when they took my temperature this morning my temperature had increased. The doctors then decided as they would be doing things on my throat it wouldn’t be advisable to go ahead with the operation as it would increase the possibility of further complications. So the operation was postponed and we then was back at home by 9am.

So after being disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting a stronger voice for Christmas, I also realised I wasn’t up to the operation today and have just come home a slept since. The operation should be rescheduled for sometime in January.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

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