Update 22 March 2014 Man of Steel Again!

22 Mar

It’s now Saturday and I’m sitting at home in bed with a sore head after another operation last Thursday 20 March.

So as you can see from the photo, I have more metal staples back in the side of my head and so I’m again ‘The Man of Steel’ with another 22 metal staples behind my ear, these do look far worst than they actually are and they mostly follow the previous scar line from Novembers operation only changing direction at bottom of the ear and you can see the previous scar did healed very well and this scar has healed so well. My ear is still bleeding a bit and I’m still feeling pretty sore and tender on this side of my head, but generally the operation has been far less invasive than November’s operation was.

This operation has come as a bit of a set back, but was needed to trying to repair and reconnect my inner ear with my outer ear to restore the hearing in this ear, this was partly due to November operation and further damaged by the radiotherapy. If I didn’t have this operation my ear would have been prone to regular infections. Unfortunately the issue couldn’t be fixed and they had to close off the ear channel, which now means I have lost the normal hearing in this ear, but over the next couple of months I should be able to get a Baha bone connected hearing aid which will then hopefully give me back pretty good hearing in this ear. I’m now slowly getting over the operation and my ear is still sore and tender and blood is still coming out a bit from my ear, but hopefully this will all improve over the next couple of days. The staples will be taken out next Friday and hopefully the ear will be healing well by then.

Neil 20Mar14Over the next few weeks starting Monday, I have a couple of appointments to assess my hearing and for general reviews with my treatment. So apart from my ear, the rest of me is still slowly improving, I’m still feeding via the stomach tube, but I’m also taking far from drinks and thicker soups and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I might be able to start eating some proper food again, can’t wait! The thick saliva has improved massively and I now seem to have a dry mouth most of the time. So that me for now.

On a technical note, there has been a issue with the email notifications for those who have subscribed to my blog as it hasn’t been working. Hopefully the issue is now fixed.

Thanks again for your support.



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