Update 27 Feb 2014

27 Feb

It’s nearly 2 weeks since my birthday, 3 weeks since the radiotherapy and 3 months since the operation and things are slowly getting to some sort of normality or at least a long way along the journey.

Since then I have spend 4 hours in A&E on Sunday evening because every time I stood up I would go light headed and unbalanced, this had been happen since the operation, it just seemed to be getting worst and more regular. Fortunately at the hospital the doctor did lots of tests and spoken to the team at guys who i am under and everyone was happy that I ok and they was happy for me to go home. This also gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t going down hill in some way.

In general over the last 2 week everything else is making progress and I am finally starting to see myself that things or improving, I’ve even been able to start using my computer more and sleeping less. The thick saliva is a lot thinner and my voice is getting stronger.

Today I. Have been back to Guys for a videofulroscopy (sorry about the spelling) which basically is when the X-ray my throat whilst swallowing different consistencies of liquid to see how well the muscles are working and to make sure none of it is going into your lungs. Fortunately the team was very happy with what they saw and I can now start to eat/drink gradually thicker liquids such as thick soup, thick milkshakes etc.
I haven’t now eaten anything proper since 21 November 2013 and this for me is a giant step to getting back to normal and eating again with family and friends. But there is still a way to go to get back to normality.

I’m also in Guys today for a two night stay to have my nose tube exchanged for a stomach peg. This is being done for couple of reasons one being to remove the discomfort of tube in my throat and to help me get my swallowing working without any obstructions. Also the nose tube has come out 5-6 times which has always meant another trip to hospital. It is a fairly straightforward operation and I only need to stay in some that they can monitor that it’s working correctly.

As for everything else, I’m producing less salvia and now a dry mouth at night rather than a too wet one, which has its pros and cons. Sleep has improved and most of the pain in my neck has gone and my skins has returned to normal and just now looks tanned from the radiotherapy. As I mention earlier my concentration as getting far better and as some of the drugs are being reduced I am feel a lot less tired during the day. So overall every day is a step forward, some days it’s still 2 forward and one back, but it is going in the right direction.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers at this time.

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