Update – All systems go! 23 Oct 2013

23 Oct

With less than 24 hours to go and the operation is firmly on, even had a call today Wednesday 23 to confirm this from the admission ward!

Yesterday Tuesday 22 November I had a call from Dr Hart the doctor doing the ‘carotid balloon occlusion test’ tomorrow and he has given me a few more details about the day and he has talked through what they will be doing. I need to be at Kings hospital by 7am in the morning and I am first on the operating list for the day. The procedure should only take about an hour and hopefully I will be able to come home the same day. Sue has also been given the day off to come up with me.

The procedure will involve putting in 2 different tubes into both carotid veins in my groin, these veins run up the whole length of my body to my neck. One will have the balloon to temporary close off the vein, whilst the other with be to monitor the blood flood when the other one is closed off during the test. This test is being done because the surgeons doing the main operation, need to take out the carotid vein near the tumour and they testing that there is sufficient blood flow around the rest of my skull without this vein. This test is really for my safety and benefit and reduces my risk of having a stroke. So I can’t complain as it for my good.

I am in the hands of a great team and a great God who is with me every step of the way. So I trust that God will guide their hands and that hopefully the rest of the veins in my skull will be able to manage this extra blood flow.

So if you believe like me that God is in control and that he can ultimately heal this tumour, please pray with me that this procedure might go well and with no complications. Mr Obholzer the main surgeon will be reviewing the results of the test hopefully on the day and I am then schedules to meet up with him to review this at his clinic on 6 or 8 November and hopefully by time I see him he will have arranged a date for the main operation.

Thanks again for your love, prayer and support.

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