Oh Well England! We can try again in 2 years!

28 Jun

Much to the relief of England football fans everywhere, are out of the world cup again. The pressure is off and we don’t have to listen to their feeble excuses again and we won’t have try again till the European championships in 2 years time!

After a poor display of team and individual skills by men who are paid far too much money for what they do!!! They are coming home again!!! or these overpaid players can now go on their well earned [NOT] summer holiday, which will give them plenty of time ponder on why we did so badly again!

We rest of us can now sit back and enjoy watching skilled and passionate teams fighting it out to win the world cup!! Come on Spain and Paraguay! [These are my teams left in the company sweepstake!, could win £100 for first or £50 for second place!].

Big up the Spanish and Paraguayans!

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