The ‘Ladies’ have arrived

19 May

The ‘Ladies‘ have arrived in Oprington on Saturday 15 May. What we mean is, we picked up four ex-battery hens at the weekend and have given them a nice, new fox proof home, that I have been building for the last couple of weeks.

Click here to view the ‘Ladies’ new home movie The ‘Ladies’ new home movie

Lets introduce them:

Ethel: Who looks the worst for wear, as she is missing alot of feathers from all over her body and is the smallest ‘Lady’, but she has been the one who has explored them quickest and has a have go attitude.

Barbara: Who is the best looking and and the biggest and bossyist ‘Lady’.

Mavis: Is pretty quite and yet to make any waves. She has most of her feather, mingled with a few bare patches.

Gertuda: Is simular to Mavis, but has a mishapen wing and alot has a couple of bare patches.

Watch this space for news.

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