Update October 2016

27 Oct

It’s been a while again since my last blog page and it’s now nearly 3 years since the my initial operation in November 2013 and the start of my ongoing treatment. It’s also been a busy year in the Jeremy household for which I will be writing about in our Christmas communications. 

But for now I just want to update you all on the outcome of my latest hospital trips. At the beginning of October I had my annual MRI scan, which was a 2 hours session that scanned my whole body. So after waiting for nearly a month to find the results, Sue and myself attended an appointment at the new cancer centre at Guys hospital yesterday 26 October, which I must say is a very nice new building, although yesterday they was having a computer system nightmare.

I wasn’t actually looking forward to this appointment getting the results from the scan, but we met with the oncology consultant Dr Mary Lei. Mary then told us that the whole team had reviewed the scans and that there had been no changes and everything had remained stable and they was all pleased with the current situation and no further action was currently needed. This as you can imagine was a massive relief to both Sue and myself.

I now only need to have 1x MRI scan a year and less appointments. but I still have another appointment next week with the head and neck surgeon Mr Rubert Obholzer, but this again should be a fairly routine appointment.

So we can again relax and enjoy life and make plans for next year!

Thanks you all again for your ongoing love, support and prayers. I do believe that Jesus and father God have been watching over me and it’s a miracle that I have pulled thought all this treatment and which has been against the all odds and by the grace of God I can live another day. Thank you God.

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