Back in hospital

22 Dec

I was taken by ambulance into hospital last Tuesday 17 December after  throwing up and then becoming very confused. After spending  a couple of hours in emergency at the Pru hospital in orpington. I was later admitted Tuesday evening as I had some sort of infection in my head and they wasn’t sure what it was do to the surgery I had recently had.

Today is Sunday 22 December and I am still in hospital  as they wanted to make sure I finished the 5 day course of antibiotics and so hopefully I will be going home tomorrow.

The last 5 days have been tough as for 4 of theses days, I’ve had my own room and  have been spending alot of time on your own and when your not really sure what’s going on or how long your gonna to be in for. This  I thing has been partly done to the fact that I have had 2 different hospitals dealing with me and no-one has really known all the facts and details and which is why I thing I’ve been in limbo land. Hopefully tomorrow this will all be over.

So please pray that this is the case and that any infection is cleared up And next week on Monday 30 December i will be starting my radiotherapy for 6 weeks. Sue is gonna to do a blog soon to fill in more of the details of the last week.

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