Next Update

23 Nov

I’m aware everyone is hanging on to their emails, searching them for the next snippet of news, but I know you’ll all forgive me for not updating every day too. I’ll probably blog every couple of days as life has suddenly become quite tiring.

Neil is still being cared for in Intensive care for the time being, he is making good progress, even though it is very small steps. I was amazed to find him talking yesterday, albeit a very soft whisper, I was not expecting him to talk at all for at least a couple of days. He is still very sleepy, which I think in part is due to all the anaesthetic and the fact that it is impossible to sleep in ICU as it’s always light and noisy, also the nurse has to check on him constantly, so it’s almost impossible to sleep for any length of time. He had a bit of a temperature today which was making him feel a bit grim, but he doesn’t appear to be in much pain, which has surprised the nursing staff and currently is only on paracetamol. This could well change as he becomes more aware of things over the next few days.

The surgeon’s are sure he hasn’t suffered any major stroke, but we won’t know if there is any minor stroke damage until he is more mobile and conscious in the next few days. Something to keep praying about please.

Finally, just a word of thanks for your continued support and especially to all our wonderful friends at church who are coming round with a meal for the family everyday – you have made life so much easier to manage while we get used to going up and down to Guy’s each day.
Sue xl

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